AWS CloudTrail Logs S3 Bucket Not Publicly Accessible


Remediation Effort



This policy validates that CloudTrail S3 buckets are not publicly accessible.

CloudTrail logs include detailed events of API activity in your AWS account. It is a security best practice to tightly control who has access to these logs, and making them publicly accessible could lead to accidental exposure of details about your environment.


To remediate this, modify the associated S3 Bucket to not be publicly accessible.

Using the AWS Console

1. Access the AWS S3 Console.

2. Select the S3 bucket that you want to make not publicly accessible.

3. Select the "Permissions" tab.

4. Select the "Access Control List" tab.

5. Under the "Public access" header, select each row and in the popup menu uncheck all check boxes and then select the "Save" button.

6. Note that if you were relying on the public access to review these logs, a new more restricted access control list will need to be created.

Using the AWS CLI

1. Run the following command to ignore ACL's that grant public access on the given bucket:

aws s3api put-public-access-block --bucket <bucket_name> --public-access-block-configuration "{\"IgnorePublicAcls\": true}"

2. The AWS CLI command put-public-access-block has several parameters that can be set depending on how you intend to block public access. See the AWS user documentation for additional details.


  • CIS AWS Benchmark 2.3 "Ensure the S3 bucket used to store CloudTrail logs is not publicly accessible"

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