Supported Logs

Panther supports 100+ security log types across 36 different categories


Panther has native schema support for all of the following sources, with different supported methods to ingest data depending on the log source.
If you do not see a needed source listed as supported, you can either define your own log type via a Custom Log entry or request support of a new log source.

Panther Supported Logs

Panther has built-in support for the following logs: 1Password Logs
AWS Logs
Box Logs
GCP Logs
Okta Logs
Snyk Logs
Zeek Logs
Zoom Logs
On the "Add New Source" page in the Panther Console, you can choose a service from the list or use the search bar to find a source.
On the upper right side of the list of services with built-in support, there is a search bar to filter the built-in options.

Troubleshooting Supported Logs

Visit the Panther Knowledge Base to view articles about supported log sources that answer frequently asked questions and help you resolve common errors and issues.