Tines Logs

Panther supports pulling logs directly from Tines


Panther can fetch Tines logs by querying the Tines API. Specifically, Panther pulls Tines Audit logs, by querying the Audit logs API.

To set up Tines as a log source in Panther, you'll need to generate a Tines API key that Panther can use to access your Tines instance, then set up Tines as a log source in Panther.

How to onboard Tines logs to Panther

Step 1: Generate a Tines API key

  1. Copy the API key and store it in a secure location, as you will need it to create the log source in Panther.

Step 2: Create a new Tines source in Panther

  1. In the left-hand navigation bar of your Panther Console, click Configure > Log Sources.

  2. Click Create New.

  3. Select Tines from the list of available log sources. Click Start Source Setup.

  4. On the next screen, enter a descriptive name for the source, e.g., My Tines Audit logs.

  5. Click Setup.

  6. On the Set Credentials page, fill in the form:

    • Tines Domain: Enter your Tines tenant domain. As Tines's documentation outlines, Cloud deployments of Tines will have a domain similar to either adjective-noun-1234.tines.io or adjective-noun-1234.tines.com

    • API Key: Enter the Tines API key you generated in the previous step of this documentation.

  7. Click Setup. You will be directed to a success screen:

    • You can optionally enable one or more Detection Packs.

    • The Trigger an alert when no events are processed setting defaults to YES. We recommend leaving this enabled, as you will be alerted if data stops flowing from the log source after a certain period of time. The timeframe is configurable, with a default of 24 hours.

Panther-managed detections

See Panther-managed rules for Tines in the panther-analysis GitHub repository.

Supported log types


These are audit logs of events in a Tines tenant. For more information, see Tines's Audit logs documentation.

schema: Tines.Audit
description: Audit logs from the Tines Audit Logs API
referenceURL: https://www.tines.com/api/audit-logs
  - name: created_at
    required: true
    description: The date/time at which the audit log was created.
    type: timestamp
      - rfc3339
    isEventTime: true
  - name: id
    description: The ID of the audit log.
    type: int
  - name: inputs
    description: JSON Inputs passed to the operation.
    type: json
  - name: operation_name
    required: true
    description: The name of the operation.
    type: string
  - name: request_ip
    required: true
    description: The IP Address the operation was triggered from.
    type: string
      - ip
  - name: request_user_agent
    description: The user agent that the operation was triggered with.
    type: string
  - name: tenant_id
    required: true
    description: The ID of the tenant the operation was triggered on.
    type: string
  - name: user_email
    description: The email of the user who triggered the operation.
    type: string
      - email
  - name: user_id
    required: true
    description: The ID of the user who triggered the operation.
    type: string
  - name: user_name
    description: The name of the user who triggered the operation.
    type: string
      - username

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