Get help on issues or questions you have while using Panther


This page helps provide resources for questions and issues with using Panther.

Panther's Knowledge Base

Panther's Knowledge Base (KB), found at, contains articles that answer frequently asked questions and help you resolve common errors and issues. You can navigate through the topics on the home page, or you can use the search bar in the KB to find the information you need.

Panther Community

Panther's Slack Community is a place to connect with security experts, share detection code, and learn from Panther users. If you'd like to join, visit the Panther Community sign-up page.

Contact Panther Support

If you don't find the answer you need in the KB or via the resources listed below, you can contact Panther Support in the following ways:

  • Slack

    • Send a message in your Panther channel, then react to your message with the ticket emoji.

  • Email

  • Intercom messenger

    This option is only available for SaaS deployments of Panther.

    • In the lower right-hand corner of your Panther Console, click the chat icon.

Helpful Panther resources

Getting started with Panther

pageQuick Start

Panther glossary of terms


Panther's operational monitoring, tools, and architecture


Panther security and privacy

pageSecurity and Privacy

Panther and Statuspage alerts

  • Panther uses Statuspage to post about service incidents that affect or may affect multiple customers.

  • Visit our Statuspage and subscribe to updates to receive notifications when there are interruptions to Panther’s service.

Panther prospective customers

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