Snowflake Connected (Legacy)


Panther does not support this account configuration for new accounts.

Learn about Panther's supported deployment models on Panther Deployment Types.

If you are an existing Snowflake customer, Panther can be configured to use one of your own Snowflake accounts. The account must be new or empty. This option has also been known as "Customer-configured Snowflake" or "Bring Your Own Snowflake (BYOSF)." See recommendations for how to configure your Snowflake instance on Snowflake Configuration for Optimal Search Performance.

In Snowflake, it is possible to share table access. This allows your business data and security data to be queried in Panther (via the PANTHER_READ_ONLY role).

When you manage your own Snowflake instance, you can create tables and views with data ingested by Panther. Do not place these custom objects inside Panther databases. Unexpected tables and views will cause errors. Instead, create them in non-Panther databases, and share them with Panther.

Do not create users or any other database objects with the prefix PANTHER_.

Migrating from Panther-managed to Snowflake Connected

If you have a Panther-managed Snowflake instance, it is possible to assume ownership of it, turning it into a Snowflake Connected instance.

To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Notify your Panther support team that you'd like to assume ownership of your Panther-managed Snowflake account.

  2. After receiving a prewritten message from your Panther support team, send it to your Snowflake team. The message will:

    • Request the Snowflake account be transferred to your organization

    • Include important information about your Snowflake account

  3. When the account has been successfully transferred, notify your Panther support team.

    • Panther will provide you with login credentials to the Snowflake account.

    • When you log into Snowflake, you will see the transferred instance within your organization account.

How to create a new Snowflake account for Panther

If you have Panther-managed AWS, your Panther support team will provide you with a unique credential over a secure channel to use to set up this user in your Snowflake account.

  • Panther will configure and maintain the account for you using automated tooling. We will manage integrations, databases, warehouses, users, and roles in the new account.

Creating read-only roles for Panther data tables

Panther maintains the PANTHERACCOUNTADMIN user credentials in a secure location.

If you would like to create and maintain several users with read-only access to the Panther data lake tables, see Creating read-only roles for Panther data tables.

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