Token Rotation

Panther API token rotation operation


You can rotate your Panther API token by calling the rotateAPIToken API endpoint.

You can invoke Panther's API by using your Console's API Playground, or the GraphQL-over-HTTP API. Learn more about these methods on Panther API.

Rotate an API token

To rotate your Panther API token:

  1. Perform the operation below to rotate the token.

    • mutation rotateAPIToken() {
        rotateAPIToken() {
          token{ value }
    • Use the API token you'd like to rotate in the request headers.

    • The response payload will display the refreshed API token.

  2. Copy the refreshed token—it will only be shown this once.

Example in the API Playground

Performed in the Panther Console's API Playground, rotateAPIToken looks like the following:

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