Set up Duo SSO to log in to the Panther Console


Panther supports integrating with Duo as a SAML provider to enable logging in to the Panther Console via SSO.

For more information on features, terminology, and limitations of SSO integrations with the Panther Console, see Identity & Access Integrations.

How to configure SAML SSO to the Panther Console with Duo


As is outlined in Duo's documentation, before configuring SSO with Duo, you'll need to:

Obtain the Duo SSO parameters from Panther

  1. Log in to the Panther Console.

  2. Click the gear icon in the upper right. In the dropdown menu, click General.

  3. Click the Identity & Access tab.

Keep this browser window open, as you will need the Audience and ACS URL values in the next steps.

Create the Duo app

  1. Still in the Duo Admin Panel, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Save.

Keep this Duo Admin Panel browser window open, as you will need the Identity provider URL value in the next steps.

Configure Duo SAML in Panther

  1. Navigate back to the SAML configuration you started earlier in this documentation.

  2. Next to Enable SAML, set the toggle to ON.

  3. In the Default Role field, choose the Panther role that your new users will be assigned by default when they first log in via SSO.

  4. Return to the Duo Admin Panel. Copy the Identity provider URL value and paste it into the Identity Provider URL field in the Panther Console.

  5. Click Save Changes.

To test your setup, go to your Panther sign-in page and click Login with SSO.

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