Converting Sigma Rules

Convert Sigma rules to Panther detections


The Sigma rule converter is in open beta, and is available to all customers. Please share any bug reports and feature requests with your Panther support team.

Use the sigma-cli tool to convert Sigma rules into Simple Detections or Python detections.

In security and threat intelligence communities, Sigma rules are a common way to share detection logic in a vendor-agnostic format. This converter makes thousands of Sigma rules available for use in Panther. It also can make it easier to migrate to Panther from another SIEM.

Currently, only rules for certain Panther log sources are supported for conversion.

Installing the tool

To install the tool:

  1. Install sigma-cli:

  2. Run the following command to install the Panther backend and pipelines:

    sigma plugin install panther

Upgrading the tool

  1. Upgrade sigma-cli:

  2. Upgrade the plugin by rerunning the installation command:

    sigma plugin install panther

Using the tool

To use the conversion tool:

  1. Navigate to your local directory of Sigma rules.

  2. Run the conversion command:

    sigma convert -s -t panther -f <format> -p <processing pipeline> path/to/rules -O output_dir=output/directory
  3. Upload the converted rules to Panther using the Panther Analysis Tool or the Bulk Uploader.

Supported conversions

Cloud log sources

All cloud sources use the same conversion command:

sigma convert -s -t panther -f sdyaml -p panther path/to/rules -O output_dir=output/directory
Source nameSupported Panther schema(s)

AWS CloudTrail



EDR log sources

This tool can convert detections for endpoint events from certain EDR sources. These detections are applicable to logs generated in Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

Currently, the following Sigma log source categories are supported:

  • process_creation

  • file_event

  • network_connection

Note that for EDR sources, the value of the processing pipeline flag (-p) is unique to each source.

Source nameSupported Panther schema(s)-p flag valueExample conversion command



sigma convert -s -t panther -f sdyaml -p crowdstrike_panther path/to/rules -O output_dir=output/directory

Carbon Black


sigma convert -s -t panther -f sdyaml -p carbon_black_panther path/to/rules -O output_dir=output/directory

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