Tech Partner Log Source Integrations

Integrate your product with Panther as a Tech Partner

This page provides instructions for Panther Technology Partners who are integrating their product with Panther using a Data Transport source. If you are creating an API puller integration, please work directly with Panther’s Tech Partner team. If you would instead like to create an Alert Destination integration, see Tech Partner Alert Destination Integrations.

If you are a Panther customer looking for information on ingesting custom logs, please see the Custom Logs documentation.

Step 1: Contact Panther’s Tech Partner team

  • Fill out this form to contact our Tech Partner team.

    • You will work with our Tech Partner team to get access to a test instance and a shared Slack channel.

Step 2: Determine the integration method

The HTTP source is not recommended if your log source is high-volume (emits at least one GB per hour) and/or its payload size exceeds the HTTP payload limit.

Step 3: Generate a schema and detections

  1. Generate sample data.

  2. Infer a schema using your sample data.

  3. Export your schema.

Optionally, you may also create detections for your log source. This is strongly encouraged, as having detections available will promote adoption of your integration. Please contact Panther’s Tech Partner team for more information.

Step 4: Write instructional information about the integration

Please create a text file with the following information, which will be used to describe your platform in the Panther Console and to generate documentation for this integration:

  • A description of the application

  • Common use cases

  • The supported integration method

  • Any caveats or limitations

  • Any additional configurations needed to push logs from your service to the webhook or Data Transport source

Step 5: Submit to Panther for review

  1. Zip the files containing the following:

    • The text file of information from Step 4

    • A square .svg file of the application’s logo

    • Your test data

    • The schema

    • The detections

  2. Send the zipped file to Panther via your shared Slack channel.

After submitting your zip file, the Tech Partner team will work with you to coordinate next steps.

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