Discord Destination

Configuring Discord as an alert destination in your Panther Console


Destinations are integrations that receive alerts from rules, policies, system health notifications, and rule errors. Panther supports configuring Discord as a destination where you will receive alerts.

How to configure Panther alerts to send to Discord


  • In your Discord server, create a new channel or confirm which existing channel you want to send Panther alerts to.

Step 1: Obtain your Discord channel's webhook URL

Follow these steps for the Discord channel you wish to send alerts to:

  1. In Discord, select the Server. Under Text Channels, locate the Discord channel you want to use. Select Edit Channel (gear icon).

  2. Click Integrations and select Create Webhook.

  3. Discord will create a new webhook for with a default name. Click on the webhook (in the example below, Spidey Bot) to expand it and view the details.

  4. Optionally, rename the webhook then click Save Changes.

    • The webhook name is shown as the sender in your channel when alerts are delivered.

  5. Click Copy Webhook URL. You will need this value in the next step.

For more information on using webhooks in Discord, please see Discord's webhook resource documentation.

Step 2: Create the webhook integration in Panther

  1. In the Panther Console, navigate to Configure > Alert Destinations.

  2. Click + Add your first Destination.

    • If you have already created Destinations, click Create New in the upper right side of the page to add a new Destination.

  3. Click Discord.

  4. On the "Configure Your Webhook Destination page", fill out the form:

    • Display Name: Enter a descriptive name.

    • Discord Webhook URL: Enter the Discord webhook URL you obtained in Step 1.

      • Your webhook URL will have the following format: https://discord.com/api/webhooks/<token-string>

    • Severity: Select the severity level of alerts to send to this Destination.

    • Alert Types: Select the alert types to send to this Destination.

    • Log Type: By default, we will send alerts from all log types. Specify log types here if you want to only send alerts from specific log types.

  5. Click Add Destination.

  6. Click Send Test Alert to make sure everything works correctly.

    • A test event should now exist in your Discord channel.

  7. Click Finish Setup.

Generate a test alert

Click Test Alert to generate an alert and send to Discord. The payload of the alert is seen below:

{"id":"Test.Alert","createdAt":"2022-04-26T03:17:32.099054303Z","severity":"INFO","type":"RULE","link":"https://domain.runpanther.net","title":"This is a Test Alert","name":"Test Alert","alertId":"Test.Alert","alertContext":{},"description":"This is a Test Alert","runbook":"Stuck? Check out our docs: https://docs.runpanther.io","tags":["test"],"version":"1"}

Once the alert is received by Discord, a message is sent to a channel in Discord:

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