Fluent Bit Onboarding Guide

Forward logs directly to Panther using Fluent Bit


Fluent Bit is a flexible tool for pushing logs to Panther's HTTP endpoints. You can use Fluent Bit to stream logs to Panther HTTP sources.

While this guide only explains how to configure Fluent Bit with an HTTP source, it is also possible to stream to an S3 source. If you would like to stream logs to an S3 source, see the examples on Fluent Bit Configuration Examples.

Panther-managed integrations using Fluent Bit

Panther offers managed log source integrations leveraging Fluent Bit. Panther manages the schemas associated with these log sources, and provides specialized onboarding instructions.

To onboard any of the below sources, follow the instructions on its page:

How to set up a custom integration using Fluent Bit

If the Panther-managed integrations leveraging Fluent Bit don't fit your use case, you can set up a custom integration using Fluent Bit and a custom schema.


  • Follow Fluent Bit's Getting Started with Fluent Bit documentation to set up account forwarding.

    • Fluent Bit can run on Linux, Windows, Mac, Kubernetes, Docker, and other environments.

Step 1: Create a custom schema in Panther

Step 2: Create a HTTP source in Panther

Step 3: Configure Fluent Bit to forward to the HTTP endpoint

  1. Create a new Fluent Bit configuration file by following Fluent Bit's documentation.

    • Set [INPUT] variables.

    • Set [OUTPUT] variables:

      • Host: Enter your Panther URL.

        • Example: logs.instance-name.runpanther.net

      • URI: Enter the end of the HTTP Source ingest URL (generated in Step 2 of this process), starting with /http/.

        • Example: /http/cb015ee4-543c-4489-9f4b-testaa16d7a

      • Header: Enter the header name you created and the secret you generated while configuring your HTTP source in the Panther Console in Step 2.

      • Name: Set to http.

      • TLS: Set to ON.

      • Port: Set to 443.

  2. Start Fluent Bit, passing the path to your new configuration file.

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