Deployment workflows using Panther Analysis Tool

This page describes the CI/CD workflows you can follow and a tool you can use to leverage Panther-managed detections in the panther-analysis repository.
See CI/CD for Panther Content for information on starting your CI/CD workflow with Panther.
For information on web application-based workflows to manage your detections directly in the Panther Console, see the Writing Detections documentation.

Panther Analysis Tool

The Panther Analysis Tool (PAT) is an open-source utility for testing, packaging, and deploying Panther detections from source code. It's designed for CLI-driven workflows such as managing your Panther detections programmatically or within CI/CD pipelines.
Learn more about PAT on Panther Analysis Tool Overview.

Deployment workflows using PAT

After you leverage Panther-managed detections in GitHub, you can use the detections within your CI/CD workflow.
Panther offers documentation for the following CI/CD platforms: